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  • Motivation Monday

    Why Do  You Workout? Dedicate today’s workout to you – Make it your hour! Feel your inner strength. Look happy and relaxed. Become aware of your positive impact on loved ones. What inspires you to attain and maintain an exercise routine? Please share your motivation manifestos!  

  • Monday Motivation

    It is    M o n d a y    again! Do you need some fitness motivation to kick your workout routine back into high gear?  Look no further!  Watch the Aerobic Federation’s performance to get instantly pumped! Flashback to the 1980s in a heartbeat and get your body moving! It does not take much – […]

  • Quick, Efficient Workout

    “I don’t have any time to exercise.” “I should do weights.” “I’ll do weights tomorrow.” Do these statements sound like you? There are no excuses! Here are 3 Compound Exercises, working your whole body – 1… 2… 3… Done! Short, Quick, Efficient: It’s that simple! Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise for 1 – 2 […]

  • Quick Morning Workout

    WAKE UP, Sleepyhead!! It’s Time for your Quick Morning Workout! Duration: Less than 20 minutes! Step 1: Warm-Up (6 minutes) Arm Circles: 30 seconds Chest Expander: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/oBy28yST0jg via JakesHomeWorkouts Calf Raises: 30 seconds Running in Place: 30 seconds High Knees: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/bZUfaLxJ36M via Howcast Butt Kicks: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/D_qMNWY0tHo via Howcast Backward Lunge with Front […]

  • Fit Friday

    How will you be active this weekend? Need ideas? Try a Tabata Workout! Perform each exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second recovery for 8 sets. 20 seconds: Work – 10 seconds: Rest – 8 Times Ready… Set… GO Wall Balls: squat -> throw -> catch (at chest height) Mountain Climbers: slow or fast tempo, modifying to your own […]

  • Playlist of the Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day! To get your sweat on today, add this Love playlist to your iPod and get moving with your sweetie!  If you are single, do not let the media propaganda make you bitter and distract you from a great workout session.  Listen to these songs as you are running on the treadmill, thinking about how […]

  • Exercise Session #18

    The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun!  Here are 3 Olympian-inspired exercises to kick off your weekend: Drop Lunges Be a Pro-Skier! Stand with your feet at shoulder width.  Step your right leg behind your left leg and lower into a squat position.  Step your right leg behind your left leg only as far as your […]

  • Exercise Session #17

    Do you spend 8 hours or more sitting at a desk 5 days/week? Do you experience eye strain and muscle soreness in your neck, shoulders, and back? Are you fatigued, stressed, and need a break? If you answered YES to one or more of  the above questions, this post is for YOU! 10 Quick and Simple Ways to Burn […]

  • Saturday Morning Pick-Me-Up Workout!

    Yes, it is Saturday morning… and yes, it is acceptable to sleep in later than the five mornings prior.  But, don’t sleep too late! Here is a quick workout to get you out of bed, increase your heart rate, burn calories, and give you the energy for all your weekend festivities – and, it does not […]

  • Quick Mid-Week Work Out Surge!

    A quick heart-pumping workout to help you make it through the week! No BOSU ball?  A non-skid floor mat will suffice! No Plyobox?  A stable bench will do! No dumbbells?  Use  your body weight! There are No Excuses! Be Active!  Be Healthy!  Be YOU!