Laughter is Medicine

Be aware of negative thoughts, but focus and thrive on the positive thoughts.
Who won last weekend’s Super Bowl game? My cat got in the way… 😂
All pets are so happy when their owners return home whether they have been gone all day or 5 minutes!
The unconditional love from our pets is priceless.
Oh the thoughts that run through our cats minds…
Feed. Your. Cat. Now!
So, this is why the “channel” was changed on my Netflix queue!
Hope February 15 does not look like this for YOU!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Laughter is medicine.

Single, married, or in a domestic partnership, laugh on Valentine’s Day (and every day).

We all can easily be tackled by life’s challenges.

This Valentine’s Day, practice self-love, be kind to yourself and others, and have fun.

And, guess what?

Laughing reduces stress, releases endorphins, boosts immune functioning, promotes connection, and strengthens your heart health.

So now, LAUGH! 

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