TED Talk Tuesday

Do you love your job?

Do you desire a career that is more meaningful and joyful?

Live Your Legend founder, Scott Dinsmore quit his job at a Fortune 500 company. His job made him miserable, as he declares “I had an urge to slam my head through the monitor of my computer.” As a writer and traveler, Scott gathered research from individuals around the world about how to find work that is joyful and meaningful. 

In Scott Dinsmore’s 2012 TED Talk, he shares what he learned after four years of traveling the globe, interviewing people about what matters most to them, or what lights their fire. Scott, and the Live Your Legend Global Community, will teach you how to find your passion and start doing the work you love

4 responses to “TED Talk Tuesday”

    • I truly admire Scott Dinsmore and the movement, Live Your Legend, he created! Are you familiar with the Live Your Legend Local Groups? These groups are worldwide and are an effective way to meet other like-minded people in your area, and help live your passion.

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  1. I highly recommend starting a Live Your Legend Local Group as a host and possibly joining forces with another like-minded individual to help you as co-host. Last year I was active as co-host for the Live Your Legend Local Seattle Group, unfortunately as life grew busier for both myself and the host, our group declined in activity. We need to change that soon!

    What region of the world would you like to take part in Live Your Legend?


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