Weekend Workout!

Do you want to get more out of your workout this weekend?

 Do you want to enjoy your next sweat session?

Turn up your favorite tunes!

Image source:  www.firsthealth.org
Image source: http://www.firsthealth.org

Recent  research performed by Matthew Stork at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario examined people’s perceptions of high-intensity interval training, and whether Stork and his colleagues could change their feelings about the difficulty of the exercise.  While past research studied the effects of music on steady-state or standard endurance exercise, Stork observed the effects of music on intense interval training.  20 healthy, young adults performed 30-second intervals using stationary bicycles.  The participants listened to their playlist of choice during the interval training workout on day one, whereas they did not listen to this playlist on the second day of training. While the participants feelings about the difficulty of the intense interval training circuit were the same on both days (with and without music), their power output was drastically greater on the day they listen to their favorite playlist.

What is your perfect workout beat?

Image source:  www.cravebyrandomhouse.ca
Image source: http://www.cravebyrandomhouse.ca

Are you in search of new tunes? Check out singer/songwriter, Corinne West!

Referred to as “elegant new sexy acoustic jazz-rock-folk” by The Liverpool Echo, West’s music will uplift your mood, ease tension, and get you through each day.

For more information about Corinne West, visit:  http://www.corinnewest.com/index.php

To support Corinne during her ambitious endeavors, visit: http://igg.me/at/corinnewest

Image source:  www.corinnewest.com
Image source: http://www.corinnewest.com


Reynolds, G. (2014). How music can boost a high-intensity workout. New York Times: Ask Well Blog. Accessed on October 24, 2014. doi: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/22/how-music-can-boost-a-high-intensity-workout/?_php=true&_type=blogs&emc=eta1&_r=0

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