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  • Workout Wednesday

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    Challenge #4 What is Plyometrics? “How many times a week should I do a plyometric workout?“ This form of exercise should not be performed every day because your muscles need to recover from the intense high impact exercise. A 48-hour rest period between plyometric circuits is recommended.  Plyometric exercises are not recommended for novice exercisers, or […]

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    “I don’t have time to exercise.” I hear this common excuse nearly every day in my health coach practice. What do I say? “Time is not an excuse.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend individuals perform 30 minutes of light to moderate physical activity 5 to 7 days per week. This 30 minutes does not need to […]

  • Motivation Monday

      What will be your fitness challenge this week? Add more weight to the bar? Increase cardio? Try a new class? Play a new sport? Get a gym membership? Do it! Do it now!

  • Weekend Workout!

    Do you want to get more out of your workout this weekend?  Do you want to enjoy your next sweat session? Turn up your favorite tunes! Recent  research performed by Matthew Stork at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario examined people’s perceptions of high-intensity interval training, and whether Stork and his colleagues could change their feelings about the difficulty of the […]

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #5

    8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #5 Burpees!  How many burpees can you perform in 1 minute? Share your results in the comment section below!

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #3

    8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #3 Time for Cardio! Interval Training: Tabata Style 15-Minutes Total 3 Rounds: 8 repetitions in each  4-Minutes each Round 1-Minute Recovery after each Round 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog 20 Second Sprint – 10 Second Jog […]

  • Exercise Session #20

    What is your fitness goal this year? More strength and core training? More cardio? Engage in a Spinning program? Participate in Cross Fit? Or, just join a gym? Regardless of your goal, try this mixed exercise circuit! For fitness beginners, it will give you an idea of your likes, dislikes, and overall fitness level  –  What […]

  • Exercise Session #17

    Do you spend 8 hours or more sitting at a desk 5 days/week? Do you experience eye strain and muscle soreness in your neck, shoulders, and back? Are you fatigued, stressed, and need a break? If you answered YES to one or more of  the above questions, this post is for YOU! 10 Quick and Simple Ways to Burn […]

  • Exercise Session #1

    Hit your Lower Body, Upper Body, and Abdominals with this heart-pumping, calorie-burning circuit! 30-minute circuit divided into (4) 6-minute microsessions Warm-Up:  5- 10 minutes Light-Moderate Cardio Activity Brisk Walk, Slow Jog, or Dynamic Stretching Lower Body:  6-minutes Ball Squat (against wall) – 1 x 20 reps., 30 sec. recovery 2-Leg Deadlift (with body bar) – 1 […]