Workout Wednesday

Are you seeking new “go-to” exercises for a strong and shapely rear?

Today is the first round of a five part glute-building series.

Each week I will post a new exercise to activate, strengthen, and tone your buttocks.

Say “bye bye” to gluteal amnesia and improve your form, function, and posture inside and outside the gym setting.

The glutes are important muscles of the hips. They set the foundation for proper pelvic alignment and they promote the key movements of hip extension and external rotation. To get the most out of your glute workouts, be sure to include double-leg, single-leg and power movements to your routine.

— Sabrena Jo, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Glute-building Exercise #1

Knee Drive with Hop (Right Knee)

Start in a 3-point lunge position with the left leg forward, the right leg back and the right fingertips touching the floor. Drive the right knee upward as you hop up on the left foot. Pump the arms as you would if you were running. Quickly repeat this action staying on the same leg. Try to touch the floor with only the fingertips before each hop.

Perform 10 – 15 repetitions

Repeat with Left Knee

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