Workout Wednesday

Do you want to learn a simple, quick exercise to start your day?

Do you sit on your rear all day, every day?

Have you been told that, “You are not actively engaging your glutes?”

Dr. Stu  McGill refers to this increasing weight room trend, “gluteal amnesia.”

To wake up your gluteal muscles and help them function to their full capacity, perform a maximal glute contraction each day. In simple terms, squeeze your butt!

The specifics: Stand with a moderate to wide stance. Point your toes out slightly. Squeeze your gluteal muscles as hard as possibly for 30 seconds. Try to make fists with your hands to increase the neural drive. Perform only one (1) repetition.

To add a challenge, and move up a level, perform the Glute March.







Contreras, B. (2015). Tip: Do a Standing Glute Squeeze Every Day. T-Nation. doi: Accessed on September 10, 2017.

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