Workout Wednesday

Are you performing the Pull-Up Challenge?
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Technically, it is Week 5… Which means, new exercises and routine!

However, how many of you were not quite as on top of your workout regime last week?

Perhaps, you did drag your body to the gym but you did not perform the pull-up exercises?

It’s ok! It happens… It happened to me!

So, let’s “replay” Week 4 of the Pull-Up Challenge now!

Perform the exercises below 2 – 3 times before next week.

Drill Set #2: Weeks 3 & 4
Mixed Grip Lat Pull-Down (one hand supinated & one hand pronated) 5 repetitions; 4 sets; 90-120 seconds rest
Negative Pull-Ups (with super resistance band) 5 repetitions; 4 sets; 90-120 seconds rest
Benchmark: Perform a Lat Pull-Down with at least 90% of body weight (weight * 0.90)

We will start the new and final round of exercises the week of December 7th – No excuses!

Questions? Ask me!

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Andrus, L. (2015). An Iron-Clad Plan to Complete Your First Pull-Up. Anytime Fitness Blog. doi: Accessed November 1, 2015.

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