Are You Happy?

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Happiness is a choice.  

Our happiness is derived from our inner beings.  We need to first be happy internally before we receive external rewards.  Yes, money and material items can make us happy.  However, this type of happiness is only temporary.

Does a high-paying  but very stressful job that forces you to cry during the daily commute and rarely visit with family really make you happy?

Will the 60″ HD TV with 3-D features still make you happy 2 years after purchase?  Or, will you then need to purchase a newer, better TV to make you happy?

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Happiness comes from within, and manifests itself to our external world:  our jobs, family, and friends. 

Today, make the choice to be happy.

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According to Dennis Prager of “The Dennis Prager Show,” the following traits are representative of individuals who are happy:

  • People who control themselves.
  • People who are given little and earn what they live.
  • People who do not see themselves or their group as victims.
  • People who rarely complain.
  • People who have close friends.
  • People who are in a good marriage.
  • People who act happy.
  • People who are not envious.
  • People who do not have high self-esteem.
  • People who have few expectations.
  • People who are grateful.

For more information about these traits or to learn more about Dennis Prager and his philosophy, visit

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Prager, D. (2014). “Who is Happy?”. Posted on March 13, 2012.  doi: Accessed on February 12, 2014.

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