Tag: Choice

  • TED Talk Tuesday

    Are you struggling to make a hard decision? Do you find it difficult to make simple choices, like what to eat for breakfast? Does the word “decision” make you cringe? Consider the picture above, which path would you take: Smooth dirt or Bumpy rocks? The smooth dirt path might be easier, however the bumpy path can help an individual […]

  • TED Talk Tuesday

    Do you frequently wonder “where the day went“? Do you wish there were simply more hours in a day or more days in a week? How well do you manage your time? What are your priorities? Manage your time wisely. Prioritize what is important to you. Avoid overestimating your commitments each week and underestimating time to yourself. In […]

  • Are You Happy?

    Happiness is a choice.   Our happiness is derived from our inner beings.  We need to first be happy internally before we receive external rewards.  Yes, money and material items can make us happy.  However, this type of happiness is only temporary. Does a high-paying  but very stressful job that forces you to cry during the daily commute and rarely […]

  • Be Grateful… Appreciate – Happiness Will Come!

    Make the right choice… Choose H A P P I N E S S