A Fast Yoga Fix to Amp Your Energy!

For this week’s energy boosting tip, here are four poses to perform as a sequence – Aim for two to five times per week.  Try performing these poses when you wake up each morning before you begin your morning routine – You will feel more energized and alive throughout your day!


  • Begin on all fours with your arms straight and shoulders stacked over your wrists.  Position your palms flat and shoulder-width apart.  Curl your toes under and step both feet back until your legs are straight and your feet are hip-width apart.  Bring your shoulders, hips, and heels into one straight line with the core and quadriceps (front thigh muscles) engaged.  Press your outer arms inwards and distribute the weight of your knuckles evenly, gazing slightly past the fingertips.  
  • Hold for five to ten breaths.


  • From Plank pose, extend your gaze forward and keep the front ribs in as you bend your elbows halfway to the ground.  Keep your elbows in and over your wrists, and lower your shoulders in line with your elbows.  Keep your gaze forward and your shoulders lifted.  Your upper back should be broad, and tips of your shoulder blades (scapulae)  should draw down the back.
  • Hold for one to five breaths.


  • Begin in Plank pose.  Bring your left palm to the center of your mat and roll onto the outer edge of your left foot.  Stack your right foot on top of your left foot (*To regress, you may stagger your feet).  Press deeply into your left palm to bring your shoulder away from your earlobe, and stack your right shoulder directly above your left shoulder.  Engage your obliques (side abdominal muscles) by lifting and stacking your hips.  Extend your right arm straight up and gaze sideways or upward.
  • Hold for five to ten breaths.
  • Repeat on the opposite side. 


  • Begin in Mountain pose, standing straight with your arms down at your sides.  Bend your knees and drop your hips, bringing your weight onto your heels.  Press your lower legs back so you can see  your toes when you look down (*Your knees should not move forward past your toes).  Drop your tailbone, firm your front ribs inward, and lift your arms up shoulder-width apart.  Keep your shoulders relaxed (*Avoid elevating your shoulders) and rotate the outer edges of your arms inward to broaden your upper back.  Gaze upward.
  • Hold for five to ten breaths.



“Fast Yoga Fixes.” Women’s Health Magazine, November 2012, p. 122-123.

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