Tag: Energy

  • Motivation Monday

    Are you tired of trying hard, working your butt off, & getting little in return? Do you want to give up now? S T O P Keep trying! Do not give up! Success and good things happen when you least expect! Hang in there, and soon you will be rewarded for all of your efforts.

  • What Is Isokinetic Training?

    Our exercise sessions typically involve isotonic and isometric muscle actions.  During an isotonic muscle action, the agonist (prime mover) contracts (or shortens) as the antagonist relaxes (or lengthens).  For example, when you bend your arm, the Biceps Brachii shortens and the Triceps Brachii lengthens.  During an isometric muscle action,  there is no visible change in muscle […]

  • Foods to Boost Your Energy

    It’s the start of a new week… Here are some healthy bites to increase your energy levels and get you through the week with ease!

  • Good Thoughts to Start Your Week!

    To start your week off on the right foot and help send good vibes your way, I have provided you with a list of ways to be positive.  Bookmark this page, set it as your screen saver, or post it on the your refrigerator and thoroughly read every bullet point before you begin each day this […]

  • A Fast Yoga Fix to Amp Your Energy!

    For this week’s energy boosting tip, here are four poses to perform as a sequence – Aim for two to five times per week.  Try performing these poses when you wake up each morning before you begin your morning routine – You will feel more energized and alive throughout your day! 1.  PLANK Begin on […]