Tag: Quadriceps

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    Challenge #2 Flexibility “My muscles are so tight.” “I am so sore, I can’t move!” “If only I could move easier…” Do these statements sound familiar? Try this weekend’s Flexibility Challenge!  You have heard about it… You have seen other people do it… But, what is it? Self-Myofascial Release, or commonly known “foam rolling,” is a type of corrective exercise designed to […]

  • Daily Workout #13 – Simple Lower Body Circuit!

    Daily Workout #13 Short on time today? Here is a simple, quick lower body circuit that will get you moving, blood flowing, burning calories, and feeling great! Leg Extensions 3 x 15 Front Squats 3 x 15 Lunges with optional rotation, holding DB or MB 3 x 15 Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – Avoid locking out your knees! […]

  • Static Lunge to Row

    Static lunge to row is an excellent full body exercise, working your quadriceps, gluteals, back (latissimus dorsi and rhomboids), and of course, your core! Progression? Need more of a challenge? Try placing your front foot on a wobble board!

  • A Fast Yoga Fix to Amp Your Energy!

    For this week’s energy boosting tip, here are four poses to perform as a sequence – Aim for two to five times per week.  Try performing these poses when you wake up each morning before you begin your morning routine – You will feel more energized and alive throughout your day! 1.  PLANK Begin on […]