2012 Spinning Student Everyday Manifesto

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”

— Benjamin Franklin

What are you waiting for? Your life is happening right now and it is amazing! You have a chance to let your fire blaze through to new horizons; just say no to the almost, the not-quite, the not-yet, or the not-at-all. Whatever it is you are waiting for before you do whatever it is you want to do, Mr. Franklin and I are here to tell you to tell you the wait is over. Do it, be it, live it, show up, sign up, speak out, push it, fight for it, love it, breathe deeply for it, get on it, get over it, move it, shake it, flaunt it, change it, mold it, and become it! GOT IT?  Begin it now.

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

My father always told me that failure is not in the falling down, but in the staying down. Many leaders throughout the ages have shared this message in one way or another, and I can’t think of a more profound truth. I believe that in order to grow we need to do things often that scare us – and failure is certainly something that scares us all. For many, the mere thought of failure is the biggest limiter and prevents us from ever taking a first step. Didn’t someone say failure is an opportunity to intelligently begin again? So when you contemplate a goal to reach or obstacle to overcome, make the decision and then commit. The moment you tenaciously commit, did you know that an entire stream of events issues from that decision that might not otherwise have occurred; Goethe refers to this as “providence moving in your favor” – unforeseen incidents, meetings, material assistance, etc., which you could not have fathomed would come your way. So be bold! Be unscared.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reshaping our view of the world begins with figuring out how we are a part of it. If everyone believed that their purpose in life was to simply lift someone else up, I believe we would become addicted to caring for ourselves to the best of our ability so that we may always be of service to others. I have heard it said that happiness is a choice; this I believe. Perhaps the mastery of this quality is the challenge we are all faced with everyday. This world constantly reminds me that we are a part of something mystical and much, much bigger than our perceived circle around us. Say hello to a stranger. Help someone with their groceries. Leave a bigger tip next time.  Drive a neighbor to their doctor’s appointment. Give flowers to a student just because. Volunteer for a charity. Hold a child’s hand. Believe in magic, and those around you will, too. Believe in the magic that is this world.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”

— Chinese Proverb

Everyday do one thing that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. Change and growth will occur only when you dare to experiment with your life; so plant seeds of ideas and goals enthusiastically with the willingness to go the mile with patience and belief, and let the roots spread far and wide for durability and longevity. Perhaps we are all creatures of immediacy: if we can’t have it all right now, often we are incapable of seeing the potential for the future because we are impatient. Standing still never got anyone anywhere. I know that if the highest aim of a captain were to protect his ship, he would never leave port. Do not be content with idleness; create forward momentum always, like a running stream, even at the pace of a drop of water at a time for soon you will sail on an ocean. Find truth in trials and lessons in mistakes and you will soar to new heights. Grow with discipline.

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”

— Tony Robbins

You can’t share your passion until you yourself first identify it then proclaim it! When was the last time you vocalized or wrote down the things that fill you up with joy? Scream, “I love you!” to your mate on a busy city street for the whole world to hear. Rip open the wrapping on the box your soul has been living in and share it with your beloved. Play that Bon Jovi song in spin class and talk about your big hair days! Believe that you must do the things that make you come alive, only then will the world feel the ripple that is you. You are unique! Share your story with others, refusing to let anyone define you. You are the only one who has had your experiences – share, share, share with abundance – and recognize that everyone around you also has unique stories.  Find new ways to see and hear others and you will notice exponential growth in your spirit and your heart. Proclaim your passion.

Don’t get a ‘case of  the Mondays’! Be strong, be bold, and share your passion! This will be a great week!

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