What to Wear during Spin Class… Important Must-Haves!

The alarm goes off… Buzzing, ringing, loud! Yes, it is that time again… Time for Monday morning spin class!  Tired, now?  You won’t be for long! Once you clip your shoes into the pedals, pushing and pulling with each foot, sweat dripping down your face, you’ll instantly be awake and ready to roll!  But wait, first you need to get dressed!  Visit http://www.sandjune.com and you’ll have many choices to choose from: most notably, the black studded yoga capri pants with pockets and the brown or grey yoga capri pants will be well-suited for any indoor cycling class.  When most people think about cycling, they visualize cyclists wearing tight, spandex “Speedo” shorts.  While spandex is ideal, you are not required to wear this style of shorts to actively participate in a spin class.  Most importantly, you do not want to wear loose-fitted, long pants because the hems of the pants will likely get stuck in the pedals.  Furthermore, you do not want to wear jeans or any other ‘stiff’ material – simply be comfortable!  In addition, cycling shoes are highly recommended because you will be more likely to push down on the pedals with the balls of your feet, leading with your heels; as a result, you will ‘feel’ the burn in your calf, hamstring, and gluteal muscles and not your knees (ouch!).  However, cycling shoes can be expensive and I recommend purchasing the shoes after you have completed at least two to three classes.  If you do not have cycling shoes, you will want to wear hard-soled shoes and avoid pointing your toes as you may be inclined to do so in order to secure your feet in the pedals’ straps.  Last, and certainly not least (No, I did not forget!), wear any comfortable t-shirt or tank top.  And ladies, although you are not jumping up and down as if in an aerobics class, you still need to wear a sports bra! Both, ladies and gentlemen, do not forget to apply deodorant because you will sweat!  “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Gradually slow your leg speed down and come to a stop, class finished! Now time to stretch!” As you stretch and your heart rate lowers, you may choose to don a jacket.  I recommend a nice, light weight jacket, such as a burn out hoodie with string closure or a thermal jacket – Visit http://www.sandjune.com for a wide selection of colors and designs.

Black Studded Yoga Capri with Pockets
Army Green Burn Out Hoodie with String Closure












H  A  P  P  Y      S  P  I  N  N  I  N  G !  It’s Time to Get Your Fitness On!

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