Indoor Cycling: The “How To’s”

Are you tired of your exercise routine?

Are you ready for a change?

Are you in search of new and different ways to get fit?

Try a Spin Class !



(*Recommended:  New riders arrive 15 minutes early)

Bike Set-up – 10 minutes

Class Instructions – 5 minutes

Spin Class – 50 minutes (first 5 – 10 minutes is warm-up)

Cool-down and Stretches – 10 minutes


Bottled water

Small towel

Hard-soled Tennis shoes

(*Not Recommended:  Nike Frees and Vibram Five Fingers)

Gym attire

(*Recommended:  Spandex or slim-fitting shorts)

(*Not Recommended:  Extra short shorts)

SPD cycle shoes (optional)

Heart rate monitor (optional)

Gel seat (optional)

Class Description

The class instructor will assist new riders in the following ways:

  • Adjustment of stationary bike (seat and handle bars) according to rider’s height and body type
  • Education of proper form and posture
  • Awareness of any past injuries or current chronic conditions that may interfere with participation in specific class exercises and drills

Today we will participate in a spin class.  Each of you will sit on a bike and place your feet on the pedals.  If you are wearing tennis shoes, tightly secure each pedal strap (cage) around each foot. If you are wearing SPD cycle shoes, snap the soles of your shoes into each pedal.  Turn the resistance knob to the left until you reach a ‘flat road.’  Avoid turning the knob entirely to the left.  There should always be at least a small amount of resistance on the bike at all times to minimize ‘bouncing’ in the seat and to be safe.  Follow my verbal directions throughout the entire class; however, if you feel weak or fatigued at any moment during the class, please take a break.  You are not required to follow all of the my commands; listen to your own body first.  After 50 minutes, the spin class will conclude with a cool-down and stretch period.”

Post-Class Discussion

To determine whether Spin classes will be an effective addition to your exercise routine, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How to you feel after completing this vigorous exercise class?
  • What parts of the Spin class did you find difficult? Easy?
  • How do you feel following directions of another person (instructor)?

If you felt uplifted and rejuvenated leaving the Spin studio, the class felt challenging but doable, and you are able to safely follow another person’s commands, Spinning may be a perfect fit for you!

Don’t be intimidated – Try a Spin class today!

Share your thoughts below!


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