Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 2

What are you grateful for that is around you?

Your physical surroundings (such as a house, car, country, city or state), external surroundings (such birds chirping, sun shining, rain falling) or emotional surroundings (such as the love you feel for or from someone).

Walk yourself through the past 24 hours in detail and make a note of the things that you appreciate but rarely take time to stop and appreciate.

Small things I appreciate every day but rarely take time to stop and appreciate:

  • The comfort and ease my two cats bring me each morning when they both jump onto my bed at the sound of my alarm to assure me that I am not alone; that I am alive.
  • Listening to the soothing sound of rain falling to help me relax and fall asleep.
  • My strong will and determination to emerge from my comfort zone and seek new career opportunities to allow me to learn and grow and reach my fullest potential.
  • To bring my passion for an active lifestyle to the outdoors and experience the many sights, sounds, and smells of nature; the sense of calm nature brings to me.


Minimi and Cali





Source: Live Your Legend

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