Get Grateful: Gratitude Writing Challenge – Day 1

What did you do today that you felt good or you enjoyed?

Today was an exciting day! I planned my first hike as Event Organizer for my hiking group, King County Hiking and Mountaineering Group. I escaped from my comfort zone in two ways: stepped up to the role of group leader and hiked on a rainy, dreary day.

What did I learn (so far)?

  • The beauty of nature in many different forms.
  • The plentiful health benefits (physical and mental) of daily movement regardless of how fast, slow, steep, or flat. Before today, I primarily used my trekking poles for downhill, descending from the summit (to protect my knees). Today my group inspired me to use my trekking poles on flat terrain. I was surprised to feel the increased upper body involvement and mental connection. I entered a state of Flow thinking about the motion of my arms and legs; swinging my right arm forward with my left leg and visa vera.
  • The comfort and enjoyment of spending time with other people who share similar interests.





Source: Live Your Legend

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