Wishful Wednesday

Be sure to taste your thoughts before you chew on them.

– Petra Kolber

Image source: https://www.anxiety.org/what-is-rumination

You made a mistake.

What do you do?

Ruminate or Reflect

Rumination:  Act of repetitive thinking, most commonly negative thoughts about self. Often referred to as “self-punishment.”

Reflection:  Ability to see the past for what it was. Often referred to as “self-discovery.”

The next time you make a mistake, instead of beating up yourself, ask:

What can I learn from this experience?

What is my mental stateRumination or Reflection?

Rumination Mindset

  • Thinks about past.
  • Wishes for a different outcome.
  • Fills in blanks with stories.
  • Uses lens of self-judgment.
  • Problem-focused.
  • Views challenges as threats.
  • Paralyzed by problems.
  • Doubt demons thrive.

Reflection Mindset

  • Resides in present.
  • Works with reality.
  • Works with facts.
  • Uses lens of self-compassion.
  • Solution-focused.
  • Views challenges as opportunities.
  • Takes action.
  • Doubt demons starve.


Image source: https://www.maptrainmybrain.com/map-training/


Researchers from Rutgers University created M.A.P. Training.

M.A.P. = Mindfulness and Physical activity


20 minutes Sitting Meditation – 10 minutes Walking – 30 minutes Aerobic Exercise


The next time your thoughts begin to ruminate, or begin a downward spiral of doom,



Stand up


Take a walk


Observe your surroundings


Pick a positive thought

Image source: Facebook profile of Troy Heffner

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