Good Bye, Fat… Hello, Muscle!

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How Do I Burn Fat and Gain Muscle?

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Many of my female clients are hesitant to begin a resistance training program, lifting more than 5lbs. because they do not want to look “bulky” or become the next She-Hulk. Guess what? Engaging in a resistance training program will not cause your bicep muscles to bulge out of your shirt, like Jay Cutler. Physiologically, women do not have the ability to gain huge muscles – unless they consume anabolic steroids!

 Muscle tissue is leaner, denser, and burns more calories than its counterpart, adipose (fat) tissue. Result? The higher lean body mass percentage, the more calories burned at rest! Further, you need to eat more to maintain muscle – but, the right foods. Like what? Lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables need to be part of your daily diet.

Try this breakfast to start your day: Overnight Oatmeal

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