Tag: Resistance Training

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    Challenge #2 Strength Training TOTAL BODY:  Ball Squat, Curl to Press Regression: Omit upper body movement Progression: Increase weight by 5 lbs. 2 sets; 12 repetitions; slow tempo; 0-60 seconds rest CHEST:  Ball Two-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press Regression:  Perform on floor mat Progression: One-Arm, alternating 2 sets; 12 repetitions; slow tempo; 0-60 seconds rest BACK: […]

  • Exercise to Reach Your 2015 Goals: Part 1

    Goal #1 Losing Weight Exercise can facilitate a weight loss program, however you cannot neglect diet. Increase your cardiovascular activity to burn excess calories. Perform 150 minutes of light to moderate cardiovascular activity each week (30 minutes, 5 days per week) to start your aerobic program.  After 4 to 6 weeks, incorporate high intensity interval […]

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #4

    8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #4 The Turkish Get-Up Perform exercise with one kettle bell or dumbbell – You choose! There are no excuses!

  • Good Bye, Fat… Hello, Muscle!

    How Do I Burn Fat and Gain Muscle? 2 Words:  RESISTANCE TRAINING Many of my female clients are hesitant to begin a resistance training program, lifting more than 5lbs. because they do not want to look “bulky” or become the next She-Hulk. Guess what? Engaging in a resistance training program will not cause your bicep muscles […]

  • Resistance Training Exercises: Beginner-Intermediate Level

    I recently completed a Continuing Education Course (CEC) for my Spin Instructor Certification.  You might expect this course to be about cardiovascular fitness, however this course focused on resistance training.   The course examined how to apply resistance training to the Spinning program.  This type of training is a critical component to an exercise program in order to […]

  • 5 Principles to Create an Effective Exercise Program

    Incorporate the exercise principles below into your workouts this weekend! 1. MAKE A DECISION AND BEGIN Get started now! If you are starting out for the very first time, start small with simple choices and goals.  Develop a “master plan” for later when your body is ready for a well-developed, more complex exercise plan. Remember:  Decisions are not […]