The Power of Positive Thinking

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As we begin a new year, a year filled with new experiences, relationships, and accomplishments, we must first think positively.

Practice the following exercise to incorporate positive thinking into your life this year and beyond:

  • Hold your arm out straight, while another person tries to push it down.  Resist the pressure as you say out loud, repeatedly, “I love my sport (or job or life).”  Now change the phrase to “I hate my sport (or job or life),” and compare the strength you experience.  Observe how much stronger you are, and how much better your performance is, when you vocalize “I love” – a positive thought pattern.

Read the following affirmations each day to enforce positive thinking in your daily life – print this list and post it to your refrigerator or bathroom mirror or write them on a notecard, place it inside your wallet, and periodically refer to it throughout the day.

  • I am in control and ready to roll.
  • Calm and confident, I play well.
  • Expect success, I’m one of the best.
  • I love my sport (or job or life)!
  • Positive thinking will stop me from sinking.
  • Think high if you want to fly.
  • Positive thoughts awaken me to possibility.
  • I am an athlete (or professional or parent or ____ ) who sees the positive side to all outcomes.
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Al Huang, C. & Lynch, J (1992).  Thinking Body Dancing Mind: Tao Sports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life. New York, NY: Bantam Books.

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