Muscles of the Core

To start off the series of “Tight Tuesday” posts, I would like to begin with a post about basic core musculature anatomy…

There are three parts of our core: Local Stabilization SystemGlobal Stabilization System, and Movement System

Local Stabilization System

  • Muscles attach directly to the vertebrae 
  • Primarily responsible for intervertebral and intersegmental stability, providing support from vertebra to vertebra
  • Limits excessive compressive and rotational forces between spinal segments
  • Aids in proprioception and postural control
  • Consists of: Transverse AbdominisInternal ObliqueLumbar MultifidisPelvic floor musclesDiaphragm

Global Stabilization System

  • Muscles attach from the pelvis to the spine
  • Transfers loads between the upper extremities (arms) and lower extremities (legs)
  • Provides stability between the pelvis and spine
  • Provides stabilization and eccentric control of the core during functional movements
  • Consists of:  Quadratus LumborumPsoas MajorExternal ObliqueParts of Internal ObliqueRectus AbdominisGluteus MediusAdductor complex

Movement System

  • Muscles attach the spine and/or pelvis to the extremities (arms and legs)
  • Primarily responsible for concentric force production (shortening of muscle) and eccentric deceleration (lengthening of muscle) during dynamic activities
  • Consists of:  Latissimus DorsiHip FlexorsHamstring complexQuadriceps


* Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s post, featuring the Drawing-In Maneuver and Bracing… Important stuff!

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