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  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Wake Up, Tone Up, and S–T–R–E–T–C–H Your Muscles! Are your muscles tight? Is your posture poor? Does your body ache all around? Try this Yoga Sequence to stretch your muscles, tone your core,  feel and look GOOD!

  • Quick Morning Workout

    WAKE UP, Sleepyhead!! It’s Time for your Quick Morning Workout! Duration: Less than 20 minutes! Step 1: Warm-Up (6 minutes) Arm Circles: 30 seconds Chest Expander: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/oBy28yST0jg via JakesHomeWorkouts Calf Raises: 30 seconds Running in Place: 30 seconds High Knees: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/bZUfaLxJ36M via Howcast Butt Kicks: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/D_qMNWY0tHo via Howcast Backward Lunge with Front […]

  • Build Your Foundation – Target Your Core!

    “Ab” exercises are out, Core exercises are in Strengthening your core musculature will help you reach your goal of a flatter, toned midsection and reduce low back pain. What is the “core”? Structures that form the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC), which include:  lumbar spine, pelvic girdle, abdomen, and hip joint. What muscles make up the “core”? Local Stabilization System:  Muscles attach […]

  • A Little Inspiration and Education to Jump Start Your Week…

    As we begin another week, here is a quick tip to remember as we progress through our exercise routines – and perhaps some inspiration to exercise, eat healthy, and try to get  7 – 8 hours of sleep each night! Have a  great week! Be healthy! Be active! Be you!

  • It’s Time to Stabilize!

    Today’s post is about the functional importance of the core musculature.  Both, local stabilizers and global stabilizers, aid by keeping our spines stable and aligned and our core muscles tight throughout all of our movement patterns.  The core is our center of gravity (COG), the origin site of all our movements.  Specifically, the local stabilizers perform drawing-in maneuver and the global stabilizers perform bracing. Drawing-In Maneuver […]

  • Muscles of the Core

    To start off the series of “Tight Tuesday” posts, I would like to begin with a post about basic core musculature anatomy… There are three parts of our core: Local Stabilization System, Global Stabilization System, and Movement System.  Local Stabilization System Muscles attach directly to the vertebrae  Primarily responsible for intervertebral and intersegmental stability, providing support from vertebra […]