Laughter is Medicine

For all “crazy cat moms”… We can relate!
A third type… People who love animals!
… and a dog!
My Minimi is quick to spot any box in site! Tissue paper is an added bonus!
My Cali is always by my side… even at my at-home work station!
A new blend of coffee at a shop down the street… Any takers?
Morning cup of coffee AND vegetable serving, all-in-one!
Positive thoughts can turn a nervous or terrified day upside down!
It has been a challenging past year, to say the least. But, light at the end of this dark tunnel is near.
We are in this together, experiencing the same or similar feelings. Be strong. Foster resiliency.
When you are “maxed out” mentally and emotionally, take a big deep breath in and move your body!

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