Laughter is Medicine

That was it! A cat!
Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.
Nearly every time!
Yet, that old moving box… Priceless.
Make it a healthy taco!
Obey the cat. Never ignore.
Books about cats… even better!
My cats know exactly when they have my undivided attention…
but just how long do they expect me to sit on the toilet?!
If cats went to school…
If I had a “pleasure room”…
Cats have their own special way of showing appreciation and gratitude.
Cat life + Quarantine life… I’m not complaining! Cats make for a relaxed date night.
It is not all about the cat!
Our dogs have feelings too, and deserve equal respect and attention.
Fur babies, of all shapes and sizes, can provide such warmth and unconditional love.

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