Thirsty Thursday

Are you inundated with the surge of healthy, detox cleanses hitting the market shortly after January 1st? 

Are you confused about which concoction to try?

Do you have a limited budget and time, and want a quick, simple, and inexpensive drink?

Two Words:

Lemon Water

Image source:
Image source:

Try it warm before your morning cup of coffee or cold during your workout.

Speaking from personal experiences, it works! Nearly every morning for the past year I have sipped warm water with a squeeze of lemon before I prepare my cup of coffee, and I have witnessed drastic improvements in gastrointestinal health and simply feeling good.

Do not like the taste of lemon?

Add 1/2 – 1 packet of Emergen-C (flavor of choice) to dilute the sour taste –

Great way to consume your daily vitamin C intake too!

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