First Weekend of Spring – Be Happy!

It is the first weekend of Spring.  Begin this new, blossoming season with happy thoughts.

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How do I Prioritize Happiness in my life?

Here’s how!

Practice Mindfulness

  • Live your life with more depth, contemplation, and sincere contentment.  Focus on yourself and do not compare yourself to others.

Think Happy

  • Thoughts create feelings.  Feelings create behavior.  Positive behavior and smiling breeds more positivity.  Result?  Happy thoughts!

Surround Yourself with Happy People and Nurture Relationships

  • Happy People + Positive Relationships = Happiness in Life

Treat Yourself Well

  • Spoil Yourself.  Respect Yourself.  Love Yourself.  Do more of what you love to do and spend more time with loved ones.

Catch and Memorize Great Moments

  • Move beyond the bad memories, and slow down to enjoy the good times in life.  Write them down and read them when needed.

Be Active and Take Care of Yourself

  • Go for a walk outside.  Hike your favorite trail.  Play a sport.  Try a new class at the gym.  Learn new things. Stimulate your mind.  Challenge yourself.

Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely Goals

  • Take one step at a time and stay committed.

Help Other People and Be Generous

  • Perform acts of kindness and learn to forgive.

Your Mission:

  1. Look through your photographs to find a picture of something that made you happy.
  2. Next time something makes you happy, take a picture to capture the moment.
  3. Inspire other people to be happy by sharing your photographs:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or mailing them to your partner, friend, family member, or colleague.  Use your photographs to remind yourself and other people what really matters:  happiness.

A Song to Help Achieve Your Mission: 


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