30+ Reasons To Go To The Gym!

There are no more excuses!

Get Up, Get Out, and Get to the Gym!

Your body will thank you!

Here’s why:

  1. You will wake up feeling motivated, not deflated.
  2. Your clothes will fit better.
  3. You will keep up with your kids (or pet dog) is easier.
  4. You will get rid of lower back pain.
  5. You will have more consistent energy.
  6. You will release more happy endorphins = less sad feelings.
  7. You will have a greater sex drive.
  8. You will have more confidence.
  9. You will get more done throughout the day. Once you get your body’s motor running, it does not want to stop!
  10. You will be smarter! The more active your body, the more active your brain.  Exercise increases dopamine activity in your brain, which will facilitate your ability to concentrate and focus.
  11. You will set a good example for loved ones around you (kids, significant others, and family).
  12. You will have less shame – That feeling of “I should start taking care of myself” will disappear!
  13. You will no longer get winded climbing stairs.
  14. You will have a chance to try that Spin class.
  15. You will have better relationships with loved ones.
  16. You will increase your social skills – Try a new group exercise class!
  17. You will feel better in a swimsuit at the beach or by the pool – Summer is right around the corner!
  18. You will decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease.
  19. You will look fashionable and fabulous and fit in athletic shoes.  If you have flat feet, you may want to try Vibram Five Fingers!
  20. You will save money  – A monthly gym membership costs the same as one night of going out to dinner and you can use the gym EVERY night.
  21. You will develop increased flexibility.
  22. You will increase your creativity.
  23. You will have less necessity for medications.
  24. You will have a longer life span spent enjoying your new-found self worth.
  25. You will enjoy a hike rather than struggling through it.
  26. You will have better occupational performance.
  27. You will decrease your day-to-day aches and pains.
  28. You will have increased motivation to do the things you have always wanted to do, such as run a 5k, water ski, snowboard, or follow your dream job.
  29. You will inspire those closest to you to achieve and feel everything on this list, which in turn benefits you. Everybody wins!
  30. You will be able to show your friends you are a true athlete by competing in a triathlon, marathon, or 5k.
  31. You will not be afraid to be in pictures anymore – No more hiding from the camera!
  32. Your will have more radiant skin.
  33. You will smile more, which will become contagious leading to a much happier world.
  34. You are worth it! Be good to yourself, and treat your body right!


What is your #1 reason to get to the gym?  Please share!

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