Tag: Stretch

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Wake Up, Tone Up, and S–T–R–E–T–C–H Your Muscles! Are your muscles tight? Is your posture poor? Does your body ache all around? Try this Yoga Sequence to stretch your muscles, tone your core,  feel and look GOOD!

  • Spin Class Tips

    Before you hop on the bike for your next Spin class, read these tips to maximize your work out and prevent injury. Establish an Aerobic Base To actively participate in a Spinning program, you must be able to perform 30 minutes of light-moderate cardiorespiratory activity (65-75% Heart Rate Max) 5 days per week. Lower Your Shoulders […]

  • Be Healthy Before Work

    5 Quick and Easy To-Dos’  Before You Walk Out the Door Each Day Drink warm lemon water Aids with digestion and cleanses your intestinal system  Move! Check out Sworkit at http://www.sworkit.com! Run, stretch, or perform yoga Need motivation?  Download the app, “Sworkit” to your mobile device. Starting your day with movement will clear your mind, relieve stress, and […]

  • Daily Workout #6 – Legs!

    Daily Workout #6 Give Your Upper Body a Break and Work Those Legs! Knee Extensions  3 x 15 Front Squats 3  x 15 Lunges 3 x 15 Lying Leg Curls 3 x 15 Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 3 x 15 Calf Raise 3 x 15 Stretch and Self-Myofascial Release “Foam Rolling” 5 – 10 minutes […]