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  • Welcome July

    Welcome July
  • Motivation Monday

    Motivation Monday

    No one can depress you. No one can make you anxious. No one can hurt your feelings. No one can make you feel anything other than what you allow inside. — Dr. Wayne Dyer * Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. — Dr. Wayne Dyer * The ability…

  • Monday Motivation

    What is your purpose? What is your passion?

  • Monday Motivation

    “Being vulnerable means knowing who you are and having the courage to share it with the world. To show up, not as who you want to be or who people think you should be, but as you, and welcoming however the world reacts to it. ” –Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend Today, September…

  • Monday Motivation

    What is your passion? Fitness. Sports. Cooking. Gardening. Photography. Animal Care.  What is it?  What makes you tick?  When do you reach your State of Flow? Do it now. Do it often. Feel the reward. 

  • Inspirational Quote to Jump Start Your Week!

    For this Monday’s post I will provide you with an inspirational quote, hoping to boost your energy and productivity for this week and weeks to come! I have this quote pinned to my refrigerator and read it every morning, and I highly recommend you do the same. I received this quote from a Mad Dogg…