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  • Meditation Monday

    You may also want to try… Box Breaths Inhale for a 4-count. Hold for a 4-count. Exhale for a 4-count. Repeat as needed. 4 – 7 – 8 Breaths Inhale for a 4-count. Hold for a 7-count. Exhale for an 8-count. Repeat as needed.

  • Wellness Wednesday

    Wellness Book Recommendations  *Not listed in any particular order.   “The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage” by Kelly McGonigal, PhD Learn More on NPR Buy Now on Amazon   “Live More Happy” by Dr. Darren Morton Learn More on Wellcoaches Blog Buy Now on Amazon   “The Path:…

  • Wellness Wednesday

    Health Tips from the CEO/Founder of Wellcoaches, Margaret Moore (or “Coach Meg”) Follow the energy. Do what makes you feel good. Coach Meg’s Secret to Live Well Yin Yang Enjoy the good. Suffer well.  Appreciate the positive. Learn from the negative.