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  • Welcome July

    Welcome July
  • Laughter is Medicine

    While the holiday season can bring much happiness and joy, this time can also bring tears and sadness. This year, 2020, is no exception.  It is okay to be sad. It is okay to cry. It is okay to show your true feelings. Everybody and every body have positive and negative emotions. The key is to have a […]

  • Monday Motivation

    10 Rules of Emotional Health Take care of yourself. Take time to relax, exercise, eat well, spend time with people you enjoy and activities that you find pleasurable. When you are at the best, you can be the best that you can be in relationships.  Choose to find the positive in life experiences instead of focusing on the […]

  • TED Talk Tuesday

    How is your physical health? How is your emotional health? If we have a high fever or chest congestion, we will see the doctor… If we have bone or joint pain, we will see a physical therapist… If we experience muscle soreness, we will see a massage therapist… But, what if we have emotional pain, such as guilt, […]

  • Monday Motivation

    How mentally strong are you? So often in the gym setting we focus on our physical strength. While our physical strength is important to perform our activities of daily with ease as well as prevent age-related muscle loss, if we do not have a strong mind our brains cannot connect with our muscles. Have you noticed after a long, stressful, […]