Tag: Bicycle Crunches

  • Workout Wednesday

    Midweek Power Drills Let go of the week’s stresses and frustrations, and feel your power! You are stronger than you think! Ready… Set… Go! Round 1 10 Burpees 20 Push-Ups 30 Squats 40 Jumping Jacks 50 Bicycle Crunches 40 Jumping Jacks 30 Squats 20 Push-Ups 10 Burpees Round 2 Begin with 20 repetitions of each […]

  • CORE Fit Friday

    Are you looking for a quick activity to restore your mind, body, and spirit from the craziness of this week? Power through today’s Core Circuit: 15-Minutes Do it for you! WARM-UP (2x) Jog in place: 30 seconds Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds Wide Squats: 30 seconds Butt Kicks: 30 seconds (fast tempo) High Knee Touch: 30 seconds (slow tempo) […]

  • Fit Friday

    How will you be active this weekend? Need ideas? Try a Tabata Workout! Perform each exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second recovery for 8 sets. 20 seconds: Work – 10 seconds: Rest – 8 Times Ready… Set… GO Wall Balls: squat -> throw -> catch (at chest height) Mountain Climbers: slow or fast tempo, modifying to your own […]

  • Saturday Morning Pick-Me-Up Workout!

    Yes, it is Saturday morning… and yes, it is acceptable to sleep in later than the five mornings prior.  But, don’t sleep too late! Here is a quick workout to get you out of bed, increase your heart rate, burn calories, and give you the energy for all your weekend festivities – and, it does not […]