Laughter is Medicine

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, “pet Moms” included!
What our cats just might be saying behind our backs…
When our pets get in the way of our “bedroom lives”…
A cat is way better than flowers!
The next time you check your phone… Remember, your dog (or cat) is watching you!
Can you relate? I can! I have two “assistants” who are “on it right now”!
Which book to you prefer?
For all cat owners and/or Mazda drivers…
Wow, the resemblance! That’s were Mazda designers discovered “the look”!
Oops! He is only a dog…
Oh what will “Maxine” say next…
’bout sums up the relationship between my cat and I!
A friendship with a dog or cat… Well stated!

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