Laughter is Medicine

Camouflage Kitty!
… not my cats! Not all cats are aloof.
They can have distinct personalities and love their “Mom”!
What our dogs are talking about during this pandemic…
… Cats included!
Now I know why my Minimi loves boxes!
My cats, exactly!
For all dog and sandwich lovers… Be careful!
It happens… especially after long, tiresome week!
Get your ZZZ’s… always!
Think twice about covering your body in flowered tattoos… unless it’s a hot day, everyday!
Our pets are the boss of the house!
My Cali… every morning.
Very true… with all pets!
The love from our pets is the best “medicine”!
When you’ve had a bad day… a really bad day!
Oftentimes, it is the smallest and simplest things that bring the most joy.

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