Laughter is Medicine

Despite the very dark and uncertain times last Spring, there were positives
No traffic and cleaner, clear air!
Oh no! A reminder to always check yourself out in the mirror before leaving home for the day!
When times were more simple…
Once a cat lover, always a cat lover!
If I reach “level 1000” I will be so jealous of my cats!
Now here is a “cat lady level” that is more manageable to reach!
The ‘cat life’…
Sounds familiar!
How all kittens feel… Even only they knew that the “cone of shame” is not their destiny
It is the “look” the cat gives you… You must stop yelling and start loving.
I love my Cali and Minimi to pieces!
Quite simple and to the point!
Where is your cat?
Can you relate? Doctors’ offices can make anyone nervous at times.
I agree, 100%!

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