Be Kind!

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How have you demonstrated kindness during the past week?

  • Told someone how much you appreciate them?
  • Said Hello to a stranger with a BIG smile on your face?
  • Opened the door for someone?
  • Shared your gift or talent with someone?

… to name a few!

The sky is the limit. Do not limit yourself to the 30 Random Acts of Kindness featured on this blog: Be creative!

What additional ways can you think of  to simply be kind?

Each of these 30 Random Acts of Kindness (or your own ways) are not another item on your daily “to-do list.” Do not quickly check-off each item on the featured calendar, only to move on with your day: 

Feel the warmth, gratitude, and goodness inside you.

And, guess what?

You do not need to do each act of kindness in the same order as listed on the calendar: 

Be kind naturally, as your day, week, month… life, unfolds.

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