Tag: Random Acts Of Kindness

  • Monday Motivation

    Be good to everyone; this includes yourself.  I wish we didn’t forget so often how important it is to do this. We are so mean to ourselves. Kindness matters so much. . . Just one little act of kindness makes so much difference. . . So turn things around with kindness. . . Beginning with […]

  • Be Kind!

    How have you demonstrated kindness during the past week? Told someone how much you appreciate them? Said Hello to a stranger with a BIG smile on your face? Opened the door for someone? Shared your gift or talent with someone? … to name a few! The sky is the limit. Do not limit yourself to the 30 Random Acts of […]

  • RAOK Challenge

    ‘Tis the season of kindness: Random Acts Of Kindness.   Please join me and the Live Your Legend team for a Challenge, a Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge to finish 2016 with a smile on your face and a feeling of warmth and gratitude.  What is the Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK) Challenge? The 30-Day RAOK Star Challenge […]