Beat the 3PM Slump!

Energy Boosting Foods to Keep You Alert from 9AM – 5PM

High Fiber Cereal

Puffins Cereal

  • Jaimie Davis, PhD, RD, who is a research associate at USC found that eating a high carbohydrate, high fiber breakfast produces the highest level of alertness during the middle of the day.

Whole Grain Crackers with Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Whole Wheat Toast with Nut Butter of Choice

  • The complex carbohydrates found in whole grains digest at a slower rate than that of simple carbohydrates, which controls the increase in blood glucose levels and keeps you feeling full for longer.
  • Always pair a protein source with a complex carbohydrate, such as the snacks listed above!

Juicy, Antioxidant-rich Berries

  • Snack on berries to feel energized while reducing oxidative stress, which can lead to symptoms of early aging and disease.

The Right Energy Bar

  • Choose an energy bar with the least artificial ingredients.
  • If the list of ingredients is similar to a recipe that you can easily prepare at home, buy it!
  • If the list of ingredients resembles a science experiment, set it down and find a more natural bar!
  • Try an Organic Sesame Bumble Bar or a dotBAR

What is your favorite health bar? 






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Certified fitness expert with a passion for educating and empowering people of all ages (young "kiddos" to the active aging "baby boomers") about the benefits of adopting and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, preventing injury, and feeling good. Proven strengths applying cutting-edge fitness/wellness concepts and research through roles as a health coach, fitness trainer, group exercise instructor, and rehabilitation aide—in addition to promoting these concepts in a more systematic way through blogging and social media, community outreach, and corporate wellness program facilitation.
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