Tips to Stay Active Over the Weekend

The work week is over, which does not mean that the workout week is over… While one recovery day is beneficial and even recommended, let’s strive to make Saturday or Sunday an active day.

Here’s how!

  • Do some work around the house:  Whether it is cleaning, clearing out the garage, or working in the garden, household tasks are some of the simplest ways to stay active (and productive).
  • Replace sedentary events with active events:  Be creative and think of some activities that will keep you and your loved ones moving and avoid the temptation to eat unhealthy – Playing together in the park, visiting a museum, water sports, hiking, cycling, to name a few!
  • Join a community sports league:  Some examples include, playing baseball/softball with your co-workers, playing tennis or volleyball with your friends, joining a hiking, running, or cycling club, and kicking around a soccer ball or shooting hoops with your neighbors.
  • For those of you who live in the SF Bay area/Marin county, there are two opportunities for Spin class:  Saturdays at 9:45AM and Sundays at 9:30AM at Meridian Bodies in Motion in San Rafael – and, I am teaching Sunday 10/7 and 10/21 !


* More active ideas to come next week! As always, if you have any ideas to add, please comment below!

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