Tag: Hiking

  • Therapy Thursday

    How do you relax and rejuvenate your mind? 10 Simple to Life-Changing Nature Activities *A special thank you to the American Heart Association… Savor the Scenery Movies beaming with CGI on 4K televisions dazzle our imaginations, but you won’t always find the most mind-blowing spectacles on a screen. When was the last time you got up…

  • Wordy Wednesday

    BIOPHILIA  A love of life. A love of all that is living. The human desire to connect with nature. According to biologist, E.O. Wilson, “biophilia is a hardwired instinct that is key to human happiness” (McGonigal, 2019, p.169). Modern humans tend to feel awe, contentment, curiosity, and wanderlust when in nature, and these emotions contributed to early humans’ ability…

  • Monday Motivation

    Today I break new ground and begin exciting new ventures. Mount Adams Summit, Washington, USA 12,280 feet, Second tallest mountain in Washington July 21, 2019

  • Monday Motivation

    No matter how rocky, rough, or challenging we forecast for this week, we need to be positive, present, and persistent… be grateful for the obstacles in the road as they make us stronger in the end. The light at the end of the tunnel will soon come and we will welcome it with a fresh, new…

  • Hiking Adventure

    I went for a great hike this afternoon in Tennessee Valley (Northern California) – Reached the mountain’s peak! How will you be active this weekend?