Laughter is Medicine

Summer travel tip: Do not use automatic cat feeder when you are away!
My Cali during graduate school last year!
A simple drawing lesson… or an idea for doodling!
What happen when your cat “goes out at night”….
My Cali during my movement breaks during the work day…
When I return to my work desk, it’s time to share my chair!
’bout sums it up!
If there is an empty box, bag or container, a cat will find it!
… and he was found on “”!
Cats can fit into the strangest places!
The feeling is real!
Own your autonomy. Be strong, bold, and confident.
My Cali just knows when I am having a rough day or week… Cats have that “sixth sense.”
My cats are truly self healers.
For the weeks when you need you cat and something extra in your coffee!
A different type of logic…

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