Tag: Oranges

  • Wellness Wednesday

    Part 1 of 4 recipes for your juicer to keep you healthy and strong, inside and out!

  • Foodie Friday

    Healthy Recipe of the Week Beet Salad with Orange Yogurt Dressing A sweet salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Ingredients 2 pounds Beets (scrubbed) 4 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar (divided) 1 cup Water 1 bunch Thyme 4 Garlic Cloves (peeled) 1 Orange (zested, peeled, and segmented) ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil ¼  cup Italian…

  • Combat Stress by Eating Right

    INFLAMMATION What is it? A natural process that occurs when chemicals are released in the body, which can be helpful for healing injury and fighting infection. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, there is an elevated risk of major diseases, such as: Arthritis Depression Diabetes Cancer Heart Disease Does your regular diet include these foods? Chamomile Tea…