Tag: Muscle Imbalance

  • Fit Friday

    Do not allow the holidays to distract you from your exercise routine! Consistency is key. Focus on daily and hourly movement.  10 minutes of exercise performed 3 times a day can be as effective as one 30 minute workout performed 1 time a day.  Make it happen! You will feel better.

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    Challenge #2 Flexibility “My muscles are so tight.” “I am so sore, I can’t move!” “If only I could move easier…” Do these statements sound familiar? Try this weekend’s Flexibility Challenge!  You have heard about it… You have seen other people do it… But, what is it? Self-Myofascial Release, or commonly known “foam rolling,” is a type of corrective exercise designed to […]

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    How well do you S-Q-U-A-T? Do your feet flatten and/or knees move inward? Does your low back over arch? Do you lean forward excessively? SQUAT:  How to Correct Muscle Imbalances Feet Turn Out Overactive (Tight) Muscles Soleus Lateral Gastrocnemius Biceps Femoris (short head) Underactive (Weak) Muscles Medial Gastrocnemius Medial Hamstrings Gracilis Sartorius Popliteus Flexibility Exercises (SMR –> […]

  • Test Your Posture: Part 2

    The second post of this three part series will cover your low back and hip positioning, also known as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC).  I will discuss the three common postural distortions observed in my clients, and recommend flexibility and strengthening exercises to combat these asymmetries, or muscle imbalances.  Excessive Forward Lean Overactive (tight) Muscles Soleus: O […]