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Workout Wednesday

You have-to go to the gym… But, you do not want-to. Do these words sound familiar? Make fitness FUN. Be a kid again! There are countless games and activities to play at the gym to embrace your inner child, jump rope, hopscotch, four square, … Continue reading

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Test Your Posture: Part 2

The second post of this three part series will cover your low back and hip positioning, also known as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC).  I will discuss the three common postural distortions observed in my clients, and recommend flexibility and strengthening … Continue reading

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Wake Up Your Core and Improve Joint Mobility!

Here is a martial-arts-infused warm-up circuit meeting all 5 kinetic checkpoints from head to toe! Increase your circulation, dynamic flexibility, and range of motion Connect your body and mind Head and Cervical Spine Place your hands at your hips and … Continue reading

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