Tag: Hamstrings

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Are you bored from your current work out routine? Do you need a new exercise to spice up your next gym power hour? How about adding an exercise that will tone your muscles and prevent injury? Perform a Dead Lift! Dead Lifts: Can be performed in varying ways and using different modalities, so you will never get bored. Can be incorporated into any exercise […]

  • Fit Friday

    Are you happy with your butt? Do you wish your butt was rounder, fuller, or more firm? While a nice-looking rear end may boost confidence, it is not all about outer beauty – More importantly, your butt muscles aid with balance and prevent injury. Your Butt Gluteals, or “Glutes” How do I work it? Here’s how! Mule Kick with Resistance […]

  • Test Your Posture: Part 2

    The second post of this three part series will cover your low back and hip positioning, also known as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC).  I will discuss the three common postural distortions observed in my clients, and recommend flexibility and strengthening exercises to combat these asymmetries, or muscle imbalances.  Excessive Forward Lean Overactive (tight) Muscles Soleus: O […]

  • Test Your Posture: Part 1

    Sit up straight! Stand up straight! Shoulders back!  Chest out! Abs in! You have learned the importance of good posture since you were a kid.  But, how do you assess your posture? “Do I have good posture?”  “Do I have poor posture?” “How do I improve my posture?” Your questions will be answered in this Test Your Posture […]

  • Daily Workout #13 – Simple Lower Body Circuit!

    Daily Workout #13 Short on time today? Here is a simple, quick lower body circuit that will get you moving, blood flowing, burning calories, and feeling great! Leg Extensions 3 x 15 Front Squats 3 x 15 Lunges with optional rotation, holding DB or MB 3 x 15 Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – Avoid locking out your knees! […]