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Thirsty Thursday

It’s Thirsty Thursday! The drink of choice is a Whey Protein Shake. Before you begin scooping out your protein powder and filling your blender with fruits and vegetables, please read the 411 on Whey. What is in this stuff? Milk! The curd is removed … Continue reading

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“I stay in the here and now, so I’ll take a bow.“ “Think less, achieve more.“ “Single-mindedness creates happiness.“ “Like a child a play, I ask my mind to stay.“ “Focus, focus, focus, focus.“ “Follow through, and I am true.“ … Continue reading

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Focus: Present

The Past = A Road To Nowhere What if? If we focus our thoughts on what happened or what should of happened, we will not change the past or improve the present:  it is a road to nowhere.  We cannot bring back the … Continue reading

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