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  • Simplify Your Fitness and Try a HIIT Work Out Today!

    Many of us have busy lives, which often allows little time to exercise.  The solution? High Intensity Interval Training, or “HIIT.”  HIIT enables you to work out for less time and receive better results.  This heart-pumping, vigorous type of training features short, intense cardiovascular exercises designed to enhance athletic performance and overall health and fitness levels. To begin a HIIT […]

  • Daily Workout #5 – Bodyweight Circuit Training!

    Daily Workout #5 Bodyweight Circuit Training Lunge with Rotation 30 sec. x 1 Push-Up with Rotation 30 sec. x 1 Side Lunge with Reach 30 sec. x 1 Reclined Bodyweight Rows (with TRX Device) 30 sec. x 1 Squat Jumps 30 sec. x 1 Supermans’  30 sec. x 1 Prisoner Squats 30 sec. x 1 […]