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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation

    If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. — Margaret Fuller Knowledge is power.  What is one new fact, idea, or perspective you will share with another person today? * It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. — J.K. Rowling What is one small healthy choice…

  • TED Talk Tuesday

    Winning verses Succeeding Success is not being better than someone else. Success is always trying to be your best self. … though did my best, that is success. Peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction and knowing you made the effort to do the best that you are capable.  – John Wooden  

  • Monday Motivation

    A New Week… A Fresh Start! Give your body and mind periodic rest breaks throughout the week. Short 5 to 15 minute “Brain Breaks”: Professionally, step away from your computer, workstation, or client, Find a place, which brings you comfort and ease, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Rest, recharge, and decompress. This is your safe space: Your space to prepare to…